About Us

A Few Words About Us

In October 2012 we first started trading as a pottery painting studio with a difference (well several actually!) - offering speciality teas and barista made delicious freshly ground coffees as well as home-made and locally sourced cakes and treats. We soon realised we needed a bigger space…

Our name and brand evolved too and we became ‘Mad Hatters Pottery Painting Café’, celebrating the ongoing permanent 'tea party', atmosphere and the fun, creative nature of our shops. Anyone can do it and everyone can have a go  - but be warned it is addictive...

Our two pottery painting cafe sites are now in Tilehurst, Reading (opened April 2015) and College Town, Sandhurst (opened August 2016). We also snuck in opening in a stand-alone independent coffee shop along the way too – Crema Coffee in the heart of Binfield village (December 2015).

We are a family run business with years of experience and an eclectic mix of baristas, art students, nursery nurse’s, (the World’s favourite) airline staff, fashion students, interior design students, Psychology OU student, graphic designers, website professionals, parents, (their slightly embarrassed kids) and a mum of young twins to name a few.

We aim to welcome you, possibly prepare a delicious snack and drink and then head you off in the right direction to enjoy some therapeutic ‘me’ time creating a masterpiece.

We are an open-minded lot and always happy to answer queries, suggestions, queries et al so please ask or message us. We have facebook pages for each site too – if that takes your fancy.

Fiona & Steve Sharman

What We Offer


We really do pride ourselves in our coffee and in particular our ethically sourced coffee beans, fairtrade hot chocolate and incredible selection of speciality teas. All staff are given full barista trained to rival any high street or artisan coffee house.


Our hand-made and locally produced cakes sell quickly as soon as we put them out. Tray bakes, cookies, flapjacks, triple layer sponges, Vegan chocolate cupcakes, Ginger loaf, banana bread. We try to keep our selection varied as well as house our favourites daily where possible.


Come to us and be inspired by our examples, staff, books or completed works (awaiting collection) or Google an idea, check Pinterest or facebook. We have shelves heaving with blank bisque (pottery), endless bottles of colour, brushes, sponges, stencils, turntables, superwriters, dobbers, cocktail sticks and best of all ‘magic’ felt tipped pens.